“The Taliesin loudspeaker system is a rare delight in a world of ‘me too’ products.”

The Taliesin loudspeaker system is a rare delight in a world of “me too” products. With superb tonal balance, combined with it’s incredible time and phase accuracy, the Taliesin makes for a very revealing musical reproducer of complex signals. I have enjoyed the Taliesin from the first few bars played, and that is an event worth noting as I am not too thrilled with all but a few loudspeakers in such an affordable price range. Frankly, the Taliesin is almost like a Magnepan in a small, albeit beautifully crafted, enclosure. A real prize!

Geoffrey Poor
Director of Sales
Balanced Audio Technology

“Ars Harmonia speakers are the best kept secret in home audio…”

My Ars Harmonia speakers image better than anything else. The sound is accurate, clean and clear. I can listen to them all evening without fatigue. The speaker delivers a complete sound that is full and rich. It is very satisfying. Ars Harmonia is the best kept secret in home audio right now!     ~ Joe C., Professional Sound Engineer

“And don’t doubt me one tiny bit when I tell you…”

I’ve had occasion to hear most everything that’s out there at some point or another. And don’t doubt me one tiny bit when I tell you that I’d actually rather listen to a pair of Taliesin’s than a pair of the Focal Grande Utopia EM ($180,000 last I checked). Obviously there is no way the Taliesin gets close to the scale or even the range of the Focal. But what it does do I prefer in spades. The Taliesin get’s the music CORRECT… a cymbal sounds like actual brass and a wood guitar actually sounds like wood. How novel an idea!!! Trust me, the Focal can’t get this right.  ~ Craig H.

“I’m not sure what alchemy is at work here, but the sonic results speak for themselves.”

There can be no denying that Bruce Pea is a craftsman of supreme skill. The workmanship of his Taliesin speaker cabinets is among the best you will find. He transforms rough cut cherry and walnut lumber into beautiful pieces of art. Your eye is drawn to the magnificent figure of the wood while finding yourself compelled to touch the hand rubbed finish.

But the thing I find most amazing is how Bruce transforms these beautiful cabinets into some of the finest audio speakers I have ever listened to. I’m not sure what alchemy is at work here, but the sonic results speak for themselves.

The Taliesin speakers produce sound that is clear and accurate while lacking any trace of harshness or fatigue. The ported cabinet produces an unexpected soul satisfying low end to my music resulting in an unusually delightful tonal balance not found in similar speakers. And the full range single drivers create a coherent three-dimensional sound stage that is to die for. Few, very few, other speakers are as coherent as the Taliesin.

Taliesins are speakers for grown ups. By that I mean people whose music is important to them. People who listen intently and appreciate the subtitles of a performance. Taliesins have the ability to reveal a depth of nuance you maybe unaccustomed to. They beg to be listened to actively.

Listening to well produced acoustic, vocal and jazz music on a pair of Taliesins is both sublime and stunning. The emotion becomes apparent, notes seem to sustain just a little longer. The speakers and your surroundings disappear as you are drawn deeper into the music. There is a grace and joy in these speakers you won’t find in other similar kinds of speakers.

Occasionally when I describe the sound of this amazing speaker to someone they immediately inform me that it can’t possibly sound that good. My next question of course is, “When was the last time you listened to a pair of Taliesins?” And their answer is always, “I’ve never listened to them.”

If I can offer one last piece of advice it would be this; don’t listen to fools or other self appointed audio experts. It’s nice to seek opinions from others, I do it all the time too. But take those opinions with a large dash of salt. Especially when it comes to the sound produced by a pair of Taliesin speakers. Do yourself a favor. Find someone or someplace who will let you listen to a pair with your own ears. You won’t be disappointed.   ~ Steve W.

“You are going to make the big boys sit up and take notice!”

The Taliesin speakers sound amazing! I did not expect such a BIG sound from the compact and elegant packaging. The imaging was stellar. I listen to a lot of acoustical and vocal music and it was as if I had front row center seat for the performance. You are going to make the big boys sit up and take notice!   ~ Jim B.

“They are very musical and satisfying to listen to.”

My wife says our Taliesin speakers are almost as good looking as I am! The wood grain and hand rubbed finish are beautiful. It’s no surprise the first thing people want to do is touch them when they see them. The small driver is amazingly dynamic. It’s not unusual for people to look behind my couch or under my coffee table for a sub-woofer the first time they listen to my Taliesins. I would describe the Taliesin sound as detailed, clean, fast, clear, airy, authoritative and convincing. They are very musical and satisfying to listen to. Extremely well made and handcrafted. We will be enjoying our Taliesins for a long time to come.     ~ Albert G.

“I just grin and shake my head every time I hear them.”

My listening space is far from ideal. Even so, my Taliesins sound unbelievably amazing! I just grin and shake my head every time I hear them.     ~ Gerald P.

“Don’t hesitate to get a pair… you won’t be disappointed!”

I was looking for a great sounding pair of speakers that wouldn’t cost me thousands of dollars to replace the old pair I had been listening to for the past twenty years. A buddy suggested I check out Ars Harmonia’s Taliesin speakers. I went to their website, read every page but I was still skeptical. However I found out Bruce, the guy who builds the speakers, is a really good guy. After several emails and a couple phone conversations with Bruce I ordered a pair of Taliesin speakers. The first thing you notice immediately when you take them out of the box is they are built out of solid wood and the craftsmanship is second to none. Then you’re struck by just how good they look. The full wood grain is beautiful and the finish must take hours to rub out. But the best part is my Taliesin speakers sound even better than the look! The soundstage is wide and deep. The sound is detailed and accurate. I was a little concerned about there being enough low end without adding a sub, but that turned out to be a non-issue for me. The speakers produce a very pleasant, well-balanced low end to my music. Don’t know how they do it, but it’s there and I like it. Bottom line, my Taliesins are remarkable speakers that sound amazing, are beautiful to look at and built to a standard rarely found these days. Don’t hesitate to get a pair… you won’t be disappointed!     ~ Doug W.

“These speakers are awesome.”

These speakers are awesome. I listen to a wide range of music: classical, jazz, pop, funk, rap and hip hop. In each instance the notes are clear, the soundstage well defined and the silences crystal clear. My son set the speakers up into his room one evening. The bass these gems produce kept my wife up half the night and my son swears the speakers weren’t next to the wall. The following weekend my sister andbrother-in-law came to visit. My brother-in-law totally loved the speakers. He played soul and R and B all day long and swears these are some of the best speakers he’s ever listened to.     ~ Harold A., Restaurateur and Music Lover